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The Deputy Secretary-General Opening Remarks at the Local and Regional Governments’ Forum

New York, 16 July 2018 [As prepared for delivery]

“Welcome to the United Nations. I am so pleased to take part in this first-ever Local and Regional Governments Forum at the High-level Political Forum.  I thank the Global Task Force for Local and Regional Governments, UN DESA, UN-Habitat and the Local2030 network for your work.  I am delighted to see so many distinguished leaders and experts from local and regional governments around the world with us today.  I am here for a simple reason. We need you. Continue reading

The Deputy Secretary-General Remarks at SE4ALL Side Event: SDG7 – Leaving No One Behind

New York, 16 July 2018-[As prepared for delivery]

“I am pleased to be with you today to discuss the immensely important topic of “Moving SDG7 forward”.  The 2030 Agenda declares that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions is the greatest global challenge. Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all is critical to meet this objective.  It is also essential for addressing climate change, which is indispensable for sustainable development.

Put simply, sustainable energy is the golden thread that links most of the SDGs and the pledge to leave no one behind.  Access to cleaner energy benefits people’s health – especially women and girls — by reducing risks from indoor and outdoor air pollution, and by enabling access to clean water and refrigeration. Continue reading


47 countries including 10 African Member states have submitted their voluntary reviews on the Sustainable Development Goals at the high level political forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development happening in New York this week in a session that started on 9th July.

The Forty-seven countries – both developed and developing – presented on the actions they are taking to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals during the three-day ministerial meeting from 16 to 18 July when they present their Voluntary National Reviews.

The Voluntary National Reviews are part of the follow-up and review mechanism for the 2030 agenda which states agreed to in September 25, 2015. As stipulated in paragraph 84 of the 2030 Agenda, regular reviews by the High Level Political Forum-HLPF are to be voluntary, state-led, undertaken by both developed and developing countries, and involve multiple stakeholders. Continue reading

Record number of countries, private and public-­‐sector leaders to review progress on sustainable development

9-18 July 2018, UN Headquarters, New York-Thousands of high-­‐level representatives from governments, civil society and the private sector will gather at the annual High-­‐level Political Forum (HLPF) this month to take stock of progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and discuss successes, challenges and lessons learnt on the road to a fairer, more peaceful and prosperous world on a healthy planet by 2030.
Forty-­‐seven countries will submit their Voluntary National Review (VNRs) -­‐ an
important, evidence-­‐based platform to highlight national implementation.
Continue reading

UN-World Bank Group Joint Statement on Signing of a Strategic Partnership Framework for the 2030 Agenda

Note to Correspondents

WASHINGTON, May 18, 2018 –The United Nations and the World Bank Group today signed a Strategic Partnership Framework (SPF), which consolidates their joint commitment to cooperate in helping countries implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.   Continue reading



THEME: Effective education and evacuation drills.

Tsunamis are rare. But they can be extremely deadly. In the past 100 years, more than 260,000 people have perished in 58 separate tsunamis. At an average of 4,600 deaths per disaster, the toll has surpassed any other natural hazard. Tsunamis know no borders, making international cooperation key for deeper political and public understanding of risk reduction measures.