Internship Announcement

 Welcome to UNIC Dar es Salaam Internship Programme for 2017

The United Nations Information Centre in Dar es Salaam provides opportunities for university-level students to undertake internships. Students can utilize and enhance their educational experience through practical work assignments, while supporting the work of the UN Information Centre. An internship with UNIC provides exposure to the daily activities undertaken by the office, as well as an opportunity to gain first-hand experience on a diverse range of topics and issues comprising the work of the United Nations.

UNIC Interns get involved, inter alia, in assisting with media monitoring, drafting press reviews, reports and media analyses, preparing youth friendly social media messages on UN-related topics, encouraging interactivity and traffic to UN information sites, researching background information in response to queries and providing substantive assistance in the dissemination of information at exhibitions and other logistical support to the centre, including assisting the UNIC Knowledge Management Assistant with library activities. Much of the work is  interactive and can include a very diverse range of responsibilities outside the specific terms of reference.


UNIC Dar es Salaam is currently seeking for an intern to serve at the center , and in Zanzibar at the UN Zonal Office Resource Centre starting February 2017.


UNIC Dar es Salaam encourages applications from students undertaking their third/final year  and who are undertaking Journalism, Communication studies, International Relations, Political Studies, Information technology, Library Science and Administration.

The successful intern will be assigned to the following areas according to his/her specific competencies in any of the following: Communication, Administration, Information Technology and Library Science.

The Internship period is for a fixed period of three (3) months initially and this can be extended to six months contingent on performance, availability and the agreement of the intern and the UNIC office.

Application procedure:

Applicants are required to send in their application to UNIC Dar es Salaam along with copies of their CV by 31 January 2017. The internship Application form will be sent by post or email depending on where you are located in Tanzania. Clearly mention the period you are available and sign the forms. If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgement, your application may not have been received. In such cases, please re-submit the application. Once your application is accepted, you will be asked to sign and submit the UNIC Internship Contract form.