What we do

Our work functions aim to inform the general public about the work of the United Nations and they include:

20151123_095000Educational outreach:
UNIC Dar es Salaam conducts educational outreach in schools and to youth centers in Dar es Salaam and out of Dar es Salaam. The past educational outreach has been done in Dar es Salaam, Pwani(Bagamoyo), Zanzibar(Pemba schools included), Mtwara, Ruvuma, Iringa, Mbeya, Sumbawanga, Tabora, Dodoma, Morogoro, Arusha, Moshi, Lushoto, Tanga, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Bukoba. We hope to reach out to some of the newly announced regions including Simiyu, Geita, Katavi and Njombe in 2016.
In total since June 2011 to June 2015, we physically reached out to around 12,000 students and youths in the country. Millions of people were reached through radio, newspaper articles and TV coverage. On social media UNIC Dar es Salaam has over 3000 interactive friends.


Dr. Jama Gulaid giving SG Statement

UN events and observances;
In order to gain international community commitment, support and interest on certain issues that need to be focused upon, the UN has established or marked commemorative Days, years and decades. UNIC Dar es Salaam is supporting the UN agencies in Tanzania with commemoration of seven agreed UN days including the International Women’s Day on March 8, The World Press Freedom Day on 3rd May, June 13 International Albinism Awareness Day, International Poverty Eradication Day 17th October, UN day on 24th October, World Aids Day on 1st of December and Human Rights Day on 10th December.

Besides supporting the joint commemorations UNIC Dar es Salaam has also annually observed the following days;

  • International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust -27th January
  • World Radio Day 13th February(in partnership with Unesco)
  • International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade-March 25th
  • International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide-April 7th
  • International Day of UN Peacekeepers-May 29th
  • World Environment Day-5th June
  • International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking-26th June
  • World Day against Trafficking in Persons-30th June
  • Nelson Mandela International Day-18th July
  • International Youth Day-12th August
  • International Day of Peace-21st September
  • World Mental Health Day-10th October
  • International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People-29th November
    World Press Freedon Day
    These events are commemorated along with partners. Usually UNIC Dar es Salaam engages UN agencies, funds and programmes, members of the diplomatic community, media, government, civil society, Youth of United Nations Associations’ UN Clubs and UN chapters. We also work closely with youths out of school and with UN associations. Our audience is varied and the nature of activities also varies from one event to another.

UN Clubs and Chapters:
UNIC Dar es Salaam has encouraged primary and secondary schools students to form UN clubs. There are platforms where students meet to discuss UN agenda.

Students singing before making cloth dove

At the moment we have 250 UN clubs dotted in primary and secondary schools in the country. Most are ambitious and undertaking community work during the various UN observances. UN Clubs also nurture talent and during the UN events the young students are given time to express themselves through poetry, song, drama or art. We encourage more schools to form un clubs. Those interested can follow https://www.facebook.com/unctn.pamoja

Launch of UN Reports:
UNIC Dar es Salaam has worked over time with other UN offices to launch flagship reports and popularize their content through media including social media. Most notably are the UN Conference on Trade and Development Reports for example the Technology and Innovation reports, Least Developed Countries report, World Investment Report, Economic Development in Africa report and Trade and Development report. The World Drugs report and Human development report of UNDP have also been launched and discussed with UNIC’s support.

Launch of SDG's in Tanzania 3

Media engagement:
UNIC Dar es Salaam has engaged national media regularly publishing opinion pieces (op-ed) by Senior UN officials and through organizing events in which the United Nations tells its story to the world. Press releases and reports from the United Nations are regularly shared with the media. Media interviews in Kiswahili are also conducted regularly by UNIC Dar es Salaam team members. Electronic documents from the UN are shared with the media, civil society, the academia, members of the diplomatic corps and government

Media Relations

Media relations for UN information;
UNIC Dar es Salaam has built a strong relationship over the years with print, electronic, broadcast and online media. The mutual relationship has enabled the organization to communicate its normative agenda with great ease and understanding on the part of the media personnel.  UNIC Dar es Salaam organizes press briefings on key UN agenda.

SDG clipping

The Centre coordinates Information received from the UN Head-quarters disseminating regularly to media houses in form of press releases, reports, media advisories inviting journalists to follow web based UN meetings and discussions and through radio partnerships.

Radio has been the most popular medium used by UNIC Dar es Salaam because it is the most popular medium of communication that reaches out to both rural and urban, literate and illiterate populations.  Use of social media is increasing targeting youths in Tanzania.

UNIC Dar es Salaam has regularly contributed to UN Radio Kiswahili service programmes which are re broadcast locally in the country through partner radio stations like Wapo 98.1 fm from 8 p.m. and through community radios. UNIC Dar es Salaam welcomes more partners to receive information about the UN. Tunawakaribisha wadau wote wanaohitaji kupata taarifa zetu wawasiliane nasi!

20151125_163723UNIC Dar es Salaam also supports UN agencies in the country with media campaigns during specific events. The team also regularly participates in media interviews.

Model UN :Model UN Is a simulation of the UN General Assembly done by youths from Higher learning institutions who are also members of UN Chapters in Tanzania. The Tanzania International Model UN has in the past engaged youths from all regions in the country, giving youths a chance to negotiate, discuss, dialogue and agree on global challenges finding solutions and building experiences and friendship. they have also discussed the Millennium Development Goals and the transition to the Sustainable Development Goals.
The Tanzania International Model UN In Tanzania happens once every year and at least 150 youths participate from in and out of Tanzania. In 2012 the youth’s recommendations after discussions on the Post 2015 development agenda were included in the National position paper for Tanzania.
UNIC Dar es Salaam collaborates with youth-centered initiatives such as Model UN conferences and provides guidance, visibility and support to facilitate the Model UN.

Our main partner is the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, UN agencies, programmes and funds, members of the diplomatic community, the academia, the media, community radio’s, civil society, youths, private sector, libraries, e-information centers. We encourage partnerships.

Capacity buidling for journalistsFellowship:
UNIC Dar es Salaam encourages partnerships in establishing fellowships to support various UN agenda. For example The 26th of June is observed as the International Day Against drug Abuse and illicit trafficking. In view of the drug abuse situation among youths whom we encountered during educational outreach in various parts of Tanzania, UNIC Dar es Salaam saw a need to join hands with the Tanzania Drugs Control Commission to help the young people from the mayhem caused by drug abuse.

From July 2014 to March 2015, UNIC with support from the Tanzania Media Fund and the Tanzania Government Drugs Control Commission completed a senior journalist’s fellowship on drugs reporting which aimed to equip journalists with key information and contacts to help them inform the wider public about the drugs problem. The journalists have since become specialized reporters raising awareness on different types of drugs, the impact and drug abuse in general. More youths are accessing alternative treatment.

We encourage our partners to join us in establishing fellowships that will enable people to learn about global UN agenda such as the Sustainable Development Goals. We also publicize UN fellowships whenever they are available.

displayed at UNIC Library

displayed at UNIC Library

Exhibitions, seminars, symposiums:
UNIC also conducts regular exhibitions, seminars, symposiums along with other UN agencies and with support from Youths out of school and UN clubs and chapters. Our audience is varies as is the UN mandate.

ZNZ FT JULY 2014UNIC library:
UNIC also operates a UNIC library and more information is provided on the library page.

You too can join us in our campaigns.


find our how by writing to us:unic.daressalaam@unic.org or UNIC Dar es Salaam,  P. O. Box 9224 Dar es Salaam
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