UN Communications Group-UNCG

Alvaro addressing the audience

Alvaro Rodriguez, The UN Resident Coordinator(pictured left) is the UN Communications Group Chairperson.




UNIC Dar es Salaam is part of the professional, highly knowledgeable and experienced UN Communications Group-UNCG in Tanzania. UNIC Dar es Salaam along with the UN Resident Coordinators office form the UNCG secretariat which ensures smooth functioning of the group through information sharing.

The UNCG Chairperson is the UN Resident Coordinator, Alvaro Rodriguez.

UNIC provides pivotal support to the group of UN Communications officers coordinating the institutional memory for the group. This support includes being part of various task forces required to deliver certain communication objectives for the UN system and the group itself.

UNIC organizes meetings for the group, briefs new members and regularly provided communications assistance to agencies that do not have a communications component.

The UN Communications group is guided by a communications strategy developed by a task force which includes UNIC. The Centre supports the UN system with media engagements, media campaigns and exhibitions.