Our Mission

UNIC Dar es Salaam: bringing the UN closer to Tanzanians

Bongoyo Primary school students during UN Day commemoration, Mnazi Mmoja grounds, 13 March 2015.Picture by HMacha, UNIC.

Students from Bongoyo Primary school perform on stage during the UN Day commemoration at Mnazi Mmoja grounds, 13 March 2015.
Picture by Harriet Macha, UNIC.




To reach out to the people of Tanzania sharing information about the work of The United Nations globally and within Tanzania.

To promote greater public understanding,engagement and support for the aims and activities of the United Nations through disseminating information, organizing commemorative events, media discussions and providing engagement opportunities for youths. 

To encourage knowledge sharing on the work of the Organization with people everywhere including media, civil society,diplomatic community, members of parliament and governance bodies, and members of the general population especially those living in marginalized rural settings.