DAR ES SALAAM, June 6, 2018-On Wednesday, 6th June 2018, UNIC Dar es Salaam was invited at the Mozambique-Tanzania Centre for Foreign Relations to give a public lecture on The “Role of International Organisations in combating violence and discrimination.”

This public lecture was prepared by Iranian Embassy and The Centre for Foreign Relation (CFR) and participant were from Diplomatic quo, Religious fraternity, Civil society organizations, Government representatives and the Center for Foreign Relations lecturers, Media Houses and CFR Students. The lecture consisted of different presentations by visiting Doctors(PhD) from Iran, H.E. The Ambassador of Iran to Tanzania and by the UN Information Officer from the UN.

The first presentation was from UNIC Dar es Salaam, where the UN Information Centre, Ms. Stella Vuzo, talked about the “Role of United Nation in preventing violence and discrimination”  . On her presentation she talked about how the United Nation is tackling and fighting against violence and discrimination.  Details were given about the UN structure for coordinating peace and security, International legal instruments like the UN charter the Universal Declaration, Conventions, treaties and protocols.  The establishment of UN offices to support human rights humanitarian affairs and development.  The role of UN Peacekeeping in preventing violence and discrimination was also detailed and success stories were shared of how the UN has and is resolving conflict including the interventions in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, and Israel.

There was another presentation on “Historic Passage to Tanzania’s position against the violation and discrimination in the world which was given by Mohammed Said. He said, Tanzania did not leave problems to be solved by the international organization rather they started to find solution for the violence and discrimination which is happening in countries neighbouring Tanzania. Tanzania was pro Palestine before, today the country is supporting Israel-the policies have changed. He also stated that the government in the past fought against violence and discrimination in Southern Africa and ensured all nations became independent.  Tanzania has also updated their policies and partnering with International Organization in tackling the issues as they arose.

Another presentation was delivered by The Iranian visiting Dr who had come to Tanzania, Dr. Amir Mohammed.  He talked about “UN Resolutions and double standards” in his presentation he mentioned that the United Nations was established to bring about peace but sometimes the organisation employed double standards.  He gave an example of s statement issued by Koffi Anan in which he quoted him saying, “Failure to resolve the Palestine-Israel conflict more than 40 years till now.  This Failure continues to hurt the reputation of the UN and  its impartiality.  He said 45 out of the 70 Resolutions on Israel passed by UN were vetoed by the UN.  UN’s International Criminal Court is also viewed by many as being a court for Africa? why id there this image?

He called on the students to conduct research as academicians to understand what was happening in society.

On his part, the Ambassador of Iran to Tanzania,spoke about international diplomacy and the need for all nations, all UN member states to honor the promise they all signed to respect each other and to protect borders.  He challenged how one global leader among the veto power countries was breaking international agreements.

He also mentioned about how his country Iran had for some ten years been prohibited from using its nuclear power over allegations that they wanted to build a nuclear bomb.  He expressed that the directives to ban the nuclear power production came from the first country in the world to start using nuclear weapons.  He expressed that his country was cleared of that allegation through UN Resolution 2231, “Iran wanted to produce nuclear energy to supply electricity and other normal needs

USA was blamed for unlawfully breaching the signed contracts such as Paris Agreement, Tariff contracts and causing conflict in some other countries.  he mentioned that while the United Nation is working in making sure the existence of peace in the world, the world should ensure that they do not allow one person to affect the progress gained.  “we are not against the people of America not against the Jewish religion,” we do not agree the suppression of other people.  We should stand by the principles of International Diplomacy lest we face consequences in future for failing to adhere to our promises.

During the lecture, a Students asked few questions in the limited time as follows:

Vedasto Evance, Student from Centre for Foreign Relations

Questions: – What is your position at the UN?

  • Do you support the work of the UN?
  • What is your opinion in UN Peacekeeping?

Tuba Haidar Hasham, a Student from Centre for Foreign Relations

Questions: – Why are there are no African countries in the UN veto power member states?

  • Why most of the developed countries does not want to sign the Paris Agreement?
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