FUN THURSDAY LEARNING SESSION – 10 NOVEMBER 201620161110_12144720161110_121304-2
The UN Information Centre, Dar es Salaam, organized and conducted an educational “Fun Thursday” learning session for 4 primary schools. 40 students from Bongoyo, Hananasif, Mbuyuni and Oysterbay primary schools accompanied by their teachers attended the learning session.
The main topics for discussion were violence against children and child labour, with a focus on enhancing their knowledge and skills on self-protection according to their capacities. Ms. Georgina Mtenga – UNICEF – Programme Officer-Child Protection presented to the children the different types of violence to children, including bullying in schools by fellow students. Ms. Rehema Shija –ILO- Programme Officer-Decent Work for Domestic workers, highlighted to the children on child labor, most of all forced childhood labor, reasons behind forced labour, and outcomes of child labour such as preventing children 20161110_132929-2from attending schools to get good education. She also highlighted the role of ILO commitment to prevent child labour by getting them out of work and back into school.
After the presentations, the children were divided into discussions groups, to measure their understanding of the topics on what 20161110_112904-2they have learned, and the way forward. The children discussed actively on the role of the children should play to protect themselves against violence and child abuse in families, schools and their surrounding communities as a whole. They later presented what they have discussed in the groups. The students were confident and able to express themselves when they made their presentations. During questions session they had a lot of challenging questions related to what is happening in their lives, both at home and in schools.
The students, with the assistance of their teachers for each school, were given a task of delivering the messages of what they have learned to the other students in their schools who did not get a chance to attend this learning session. They promised to conduct the session in the schools early next year between January and February 2017 when the schools open after holidays.
The learning session took place on 10 November 2016 at UN Compound Conference Hall from 1000am – 1230pm.


Theme: “The Sustainable Development Goals and the role of Youths”

UNIC conducted an educational outreach to Youth out of school organization based in Tanga and Morogoro regions. The outreach took place from 13-16 December 2016 in Tanga region, and from 18-21December 2016 in Morogoro region. A total number of 8 Youth groups were visited, bringing a total number of 850 youths visited. The main theme for the outreach was “the Sustainable Development goals and the role of youths”.

UNIC also visited the 2 regional libraries in the regions to deliver UN publications, and also spoke to the library members in the library at the time, about the Sustainable development goals. The aim was to also request to establish UN Publications library corners in the 2 libraries, which will benefit all library members and all the communities of the 2 regions.


Youth group in Melela, Mvomero district, Morogoro

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UNIC organized an educational outreach for Youth Out of school which took place on 19 January 2017,at Kigamboni Peer Educators Network offices. A presentation about the SDGs was delivered to 50 youths in Kigamboni.  SDGs Youth champions  Mr. Arafat Bakir (Youth of the United Nations Association-YUNA) and Ismail Mnikite (Temeke Youth Development Network-TEYODEN), made the presentation on SDGs, while Ms. Harriet Macha briefed the youth about UNIC and what it does with a special emphasis on UNIC library and the available resources. Publications on SDGs were distributed to the youths, and other UN publications were given to the KIPENET library.