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Zika situation report

GENEVA, February 19, 2016 Zika virus, Microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome


  • Between 1 January 2007 and 17 February 2016, a total of 48 countries and territories reported local (autochthonous) transmission of Zika virus, including those where the outbreak is now over, and including countries and territories that provided indirect evidence of local transmission. Among the 48 countries and territories, Aruba and Bonaire are the latest to report autochthonous transmission of Zika virus.
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Zika virus Fact sheet Updated January 2016

Key facts about Zika virus

• Zika virus disease is caused by a virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes.
• People with Zika virus disease usually have a mild fever, skin rash (exanthema) and conjunctivitis. These symptoms normally last for 2-7 days.
• There is no specific treatment or vaccine currently available.
• The best form of prevention is protection against mosquito bites.
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