By Geraldina Mwita

Dar es Salaam. May 17, 2017. The United Nation Information Centre- UNIC Dar es salaam participated in the capacity building  workshop targeting African Youth for Engagement, Accountability and Monitoring of the sustainable development goals. This workshop was about educating the Tanzanian youth about the sustainable development goals.

The UN sustainable development goals were put into practice following the UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/70/1 of 25 September 2015 adopted unanimously by 193 member states, as well as by the global civil society.

“These goals must be put in practice in order to end poverty and other problems in the world.” The coordinator informed in the workshop which took place at the UN conference in Dar es Salaam.  Students, representatives of the academia, youth, journalists and bloggers from all around Dar es Salaam joined the workshop, sharing knowledge and information about the goals.

The introduction of sustainable development goals and the needs accountability was done by Mr. Joe Bongo, a volunteer who has specialized in educating the African youth on implementing the sustainable development goals through their lives.  He informed that through daily  practice, the SDG’s can help the youth in achieving their needs in different ways.

Students and the youth who attended the event gave different ideas on how to emphasize and encourage different people in Tanzania to know the sustainable development goals or global goals. Young people need to inform those around them about the new goals and hoe the goals are beneficial. Youth were also encouraged to assess the accountability and collective Voice for monitoring the sustainable development goals.

UNIC’s Intern Rosemary Rosemary gave the idea that if Tanzanians want to know the sustainable development goals in their lives they have to put effort within their homes and not waiting for the government to make for them a better world and a good Tanzania with no problems with no effects, late them start know then they we gain to maintain the SDGS.

Participants designed an action plan to guide the students on ways and means to engage in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

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